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C.N.Blue to Hold First Asia Tour

Code Name Blue or much known as C.N.Blue just had their debut last August 19 of 2009. Being an active band in Japan and Korea, they have captured a lot of fans overseas. 

They have proved their rising influence as FNC Music announced in a recent press conference that the boys will be holding an Asia Tour, which will first hit Seoul early next week and there after, C.N. Blue will be traveling to some Asian countries which includes: Hong Kong and Singapore in August, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan in September and in China by October.

C.N.Blue has just debuted for less than a year, but they will already be holding such big events! This simply proves how talented these boys are.

credit: eunii @ KpopLive

Korean Wedding

I've already mentioned about some reasons behind Korean blind dates, Sogaeting. Now I'm going to introduce you to the next step: marriage!

I personally have never attended a Korean wedding, but I'll tell you some facts based on a book called „Sleepless in Seoul“ by Vera Hohleiter. Before I start, I tell you that I don't think all of the facts written below apply to all Korean weddings. I'm sure some people do it different way.

The most of Korean people marry in huge halls, decorated with flowers. In such halls you can invite a huge amount of guests: hundreds of them. Civil wedding or church wedding is possible, but it's not that common.

Like mentioned before, there are hundreds of guests, sometimes even more than a thousand. Everyone, who knows about the wedding and wants to bless the couple, can come. Of course, the couple also want them to come.

Homeless people used to go to wedding events because there they could get food for free. Today weddings in Korea can be considered as.. 'business'. A wedding with hundreds of guests costs between 25,000 and 50,000 USD.

In Korea it's not common to give household items or furnishings as presents. Usually people give money in an envelope in en entrance of the wedding hall. Mostly the guests give 50,000 Won, which is about 40 USD. Probably students give a bit less and wealthy guests a bit more.

A relative of the bridal pair counts and manages the money and write the exact amount of all guests down. So if you give a certain amount of money to the bridal pair, most probably you'll get the same amount of it from them on your own wedding. In Korean weddings it's almost all about 'give and take'. More guests means more money.

Probably some of you know such tradition too from your own culture in your country. As for me as an Indonesian, many people there celebrate their weddings in huge halls too, with lots of guests and you also can give money to the bridal couple. But I don't think we consider it as 'business'. Seriously, writing the exact amount of money of each guest is a bit too much, don't you think?

Who will Lee Jin Soo give his last brewed coffee at Coffee House?

Comedy-Romance drama Coffee House will brew their last coffee next week with 18 episodes. The last episode will be broadcast at SBS on Tuesday July 27th 8:55pm KST.

Did you watch the past 14 episodes of Coffee House? I bet a lot of you are curious of who will end up with Lee Jin Soo. I was curious every since, from the first episode of Coffee House.

If you haven't seen the latest episode of the drama, I will give you a little summary here.

For episode 13, Lee Jin Soo went back to Korea after being away for 2 years. Kang Seung Yeon is now a writer to a radio station called Morning Radio. Lee Jin Soo met Kang Seung Yeon at the bar after hearing his catch phrase "Are You Crazy?". At the end of the episode, Lee Jin Soo met Seo Eun Young. Eun Young is getting ready for her marriage (fitting her wedding dress) when she met Lee Jin Soo. Lee Jin Soo was surprised and held the ring on his pocket. Who is the ring for?

For episode 14, Lee Jin Soo was shock to what he had seen. He tries to be composed. They ate dinner together and had a little chat. To every questions Eun Young asks, Lee Jin Soo answers with a multiple choice. Whenever Eun Young gave her answer, Jin Soo do what she choose, for example, having a cellphone and a Girlfriend. Jin Soo told her that he has a girlfriend and the next day he bought a new cellphone. One day, Eun Young and her husband to be Ji Won asked Jin Soo to meet his Girlfriend. Since he doesn't really have a girlfriend., he asked Seung Yeon to be his fake girlfriend with the exchange of him getting a radio appearance. He even lend her the ring he wants to give to Eun Young. In the end of the episode, Eun Young found out that Jin Soo is just lying to her having a girlfriend. While having a conversation on the phone, Jin Soo gave her another multiple choice. He said, 1) I'll tell you the truth. 2) I'll continue lying. then he hung up because he has to go for his guesting. In the end, Eun Young texted him saying her answer. She said....................... Number 2.

Now, who will really end up with Jin Soo. Will Jin Soo choose Seung Yeon since she likes him? or Will he choose no one?

Please Support the last 2 episode of Coffee House Next Week!


[video] G.NA "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better" MV released

Our anticipated Music video is here. G.NA titled song I'll back off so you can live better featuring Beast member Junhyung is officially out.


The MV is so good. I felt sad for Doojoon's role! Yes no love triangle. I bet we all thought that Junhyung is the other guy who stole the girl (maybe?!) but now the mv is out the story is about a guy who tries to go out of his nightmare (his girl leaving his side). He tries not to remember all the happy memories they had. 

I also like the dance steps. I want to learn the steps :) and Junhyung's rap is so amazing! I can't wait to see her debut stage!

I'm eager to see her perform this song live! Are you?

check out  my album review for her!

cr: B2STalert03 @ yt

[video] Super Junior's Kang Shim Jang

It was said that Super junior composed a song for Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart). They even performed it on the latest episode of the show. 3 super junior members who are permanent guest of the show composed a logo song and Donghae who joins the club. It was said that they will also do a MV for the song.

Are you ready to laugh?

Click here if you want to watch full Strong heart 100713 episode (w/out sub)

Here's a subbed video from last weeks episode featuring super junior (I guess its just a cuts)
Uploader notes:
"This videos are Only For Super Junior Story.
Siwon's Gesturing are so Funny
And Shindong's propose to his fiancee is very touching
Check this video"


When I saw this video, I'm like OMO! They seriously make a music video! I like the song, it's very catchy " Kang shim jang, kang shim jang" there's even a part for "funny story, sad story, love story, you're my story" I love that part. They even make a video wearing their Bonamana outfits. and the stage, I can tells its from Inkigayo haha.

I like last week's episode of strong heart its so funny and Shindong's proposal is very touching!

Do you like the video? How do you feel after watching it?

 Cr: nutanpopor @YT
Rainmaker' blog

[album review] Do you have something to say about G.NA Debut album?

We all know that another Cube family is about to debut this week, G.NA (Gina Choi). We've seen her teaser featuring Beast Doojoon and Junhyung.

Here's the teaser if you haven't seen it.

I know a lot of you we're jealous of how close Doojoon and G.NA together in that teaser. I will admit that I was one of them. :) Cube also release a full audio of G.NA featuring Rain called "Things I Want to Do When I Have a Lover" (애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일).

When I first heard this song, I was like Oh My Gosh this is so good. The melody between two singers is wonderful. I feel like I'm always in love because of the lyrics. The lyrics says what I wanted to do with my boyfriend. I bet all of you do!. :) This is my first favorite track from her album. I put this on repeat yesterday and now I almost memorized the song :)

Have you seen/heard Beast Yoseob and 4minute Gayoon's cover of this song?

I also like their cover. They harmonies so well in this song. I also like how they bond in the video. I bet some of you who like Yoseob felt a bit jealous of Gayoon. Don't be, they are just having fun recording and we all know that Beast is close to 4 minute because they're both under the same company. Anyways, when I first saw this video, I can feel the support and encouragement that Cube family like 4minute and Beast gave to G.NA. Due to the closeness that cube family showed us, it makes me want to join CubeEnt. click here if you want to see details about auditioning.

Today July 14, 2010, G.NA release all the tracks that includes in her debut album.

The first song that I'm about to share to you is the one that is featured in her teaser titled "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better" (꺼져 줄게 잘 살아) featuring Beast Junhyung.

This song is my second favorite song from her album. This song is a total opposite song of  "Things I Want to Do When I Have a Lover" (애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일). This song is about 1 people who choose to give up someone he/she truly love just to give her a better life. How sad is that?! When I was listening to this song, I felt heartbroken. No wonder why Doojoon is crying in the teaser. I can't wait till Cube release the full MV of this song.

This third song is called Super Solo featuring Swing. In this song, I can feel the power of her voice.

This track is called Loving You. This song is very catchy. The lyrics are so lovely. A great song for those who are in love. "I Believe, always believe" is a phrase that catches my heart. This will be my third favorite track.

This will be the last song in her debut album titled 소문났어요. (sorry I can't translate this one) This song is a sad song. The song is about a complicated love. The melody is lovely yet sad. This is my last favorite track.

Meanwhile, G.NA is about to debut this weekend (?). Let's anticipate for her performance on stage. Show your support by buying her Album.

Now that you have heard all the tracks from G.NA debut album, How do you feel about them? Are you ready for G.NA?

cr: jenningyou @ YT

[video] Siwon, Yonghwa, and Teacyeon wins

I know this is an old episode of Win Win but I wanted to share a full episode with sub where Siwon, Yonghwa, and Teacyeon joins the show.

Here's a little summary of the show.

-the episode's theme is Acting-dol. Idols who acts at the same time.
Siwon: Super Junior = Oh My Lady
Yonghwa: CN Blue = You're Beautiful
Teacyeon: 2PM = Cinderella Sister
-they talked about guestures
-Siwon having a rich father
-they did some Imitations (my personal favourite part)
-Siwon tells one of his most embarrassing moment
-Teacyeon dances to NU ABO, Siwon's Gee, and Yonghwa's Oh!

I provided a little summary of the first half of the show. Now its time for you to witness it yourself.

I hope you had fun watching it. I apologized for the last part. I know there's more but that is the only videos the uploader provide.

Stay tune for the next part. Once the next part is up, I will post it here for sure!


I like this episode. I like how Siwon is so active in the show. He is so funny throughout the whole show! My favourite parts is the imitations (Fly to the sky). I laugh so hard that I almost tear. I love the part where they try not to do any gesture while they sing (for Yonghwa and Teacyeon) and while they talk (Siwon). The dance part! LOL to Siwon! haha at first he pretend not wanting to dance but in the end, he even requested to change the song to GEE haha. I also like the part where Siwon tells his story about what happened when he went to Han River. That is so embarrassing. I can feel his embarrassment.

How about you? How do you feel after watching the show?

cr: SteveRainmaker @YT

Who wants to go at 63 Building?

We heard a lot of 63 Building in some Korean variety shows. Do you remember 2pm Nickhun and F(x) Victoria met at 63 Building for their first episode of a show called We Got Married? We saw the rooftop of 63 Building. I wonder what inside the building? Why is it so famous around South Korea? I did some research about 63 Building and I found out a lot of interesting facts about the building.

63 Building also known as Yuksam Building is a landmark skyscraper on Yeoido Island. 63 Building is 249m or 817 ft tall and it was acknowledge as the world's tallest building outside North America. It is served as South Korea's tallest building until Hyperion tower was build last 2003. 63 Building is an iconic landmark of Miracle on the Han River, it symbolized the nation's rapid economic achievement in the late 20th century.

63 Building has 63 official floors and 60 of them are above ground level while the other 3 are the basement floors.

The 60th floor has the world's tallest Art gallery and it has an observation deck called 63 Golden Tower. If you go there you can see Incheon if the sky is clear and at night you can watch fireworks there.

At the 59th floor there's a First-class Restaurant called Walking in the Cloud.

At the 58th floor there's a Family Restaurant called Touch the Sky.

There's a total of 6 elevators in the building and one of them is specially made for couples only. It is called Love Elevator. The couples who will ride this special elevator will get an exclusive 1 minute ride. There's another elevator where you can see the outside while riding it.

The lower floors has a shopping mall with approximately 90 stores. It has IMAX theater and a large Aquarium. Last year July 5, 2009, they opened a Wax Doll Museum which features real statues of famous people around the world.

63 Building was built at a cost of 180,000,000,000 won and completed construction on May 1985. In 2000, Hanwha Group renamed the building to 63 City and it became part of the group in 2002.


Here's some photos of 63 Building

 This next photo is at sunrise the 63 Building begins to glow

For 20 minutes at sunrise, the eastern side of the building is blindingly bright.


I found it very interesting. Before I do some research about 63 Building, I really want to go there. Now I know a lot of things about the building, it makes me want to go there more. I found the restaurant names very interesting. What catches my attention more is the Love Elevator and the Large Aquarium. I also found it very amazing on how the building shine so brightly during the sunrise. When I go to S. Korea I will definitely go to 63 Building. I want to personally see how the building shine so bright and I would like to ride the Love Elevator.

Even though I haven't been there, this is one of my RECOMMENDED place to visit in Korea.

What do you feel after knowing all this facts about 63 Building?

Cr: wikipedia

Let's Learn Korean: Lesson 11

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I would like to say sorry for not posting lately. This past few weeks is been a very busy weeks for me. Anyways since I'm back, I'm going to teach you another lesson. Actually this lesson is not new. In lesson 3, I taught you how to count. As you all remembered, there's two way of counting in Korean and that is Native counting and a Chinese derive counting. I taught you how to count in Chinese derive in Lesson 3 and I only taught you 1-10 for the Native Korean counting. In this lesson, I will tell you the Native Korean counting.

As you have seen in lesson 10, I started to show you my new way of teaching new Korean words, and that is by making it as a picture, so it's easier for all of you to read(?). The picture below is the Native Korean Counting.

I apologized for the blurriness of the pictures.

I have another set of table for more information for counting or stating some facts.

  • the pattern that you learned in Chinese system is the same for native Korean.
  • When your counting referring on money just add 원 (weon) [won].
  • 원 (weon) [won] is what Koreans called their money.
I hope this lesson helps you. More lessons to come asap.
If you have a questions, DO NOT HESITATE to ask me anytime on my Facebook. I will answer you as soon as I can.

Thanks for all you patience! Hope you're having fun Learning Korean.

You can go back to my old lessons, Click here.
You can also check a video that teach Korean, Go here.

Super Junior's No Other MV Released!

It has been long anticipated for this new music video for Super Junior's new hit song No Other. It has finally been released and here it is.

No Other by Super Junior.

KangIn Has Left for the Army

We all knew this day would come, and here it is. Today, July 5th, KangIn has left for the army. For the next 2 years he will be inactive in Super Junior. Though this is a heart breaking moment for most of us, let's cheer him on.

As Leeteuk had said: : “We need to be ready for Kangin when he’ll be back so that he can come back with his job as well instead of us crying now. It’s way better to cheer him up and wait for him now than to forget him later.”

Let's cheer him on and anticipate his return to Super Junior. With the love of his fellow members and all of the ELFs, I am sure he is feeling more love then ever before. I know this is a sad moment, but I'm sure that our waiting will pay off in the end. So, Tweet, blog, do what ever you want, but just make sure you cheer on our brave soldier.























Hey everybody!!!! It is so shocking but it is TRUE! SM LIVE features Kangta, SUper junior, BoA, U-Know, Max, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Trax will be performing in Seoul in August 21st, then September 4 in Los Angeles, USA, Shanghai China on Sept 11, and Tokyo Japan!!!

This will be an awesome tour because it features some of the most popular idol groups in Korea. The tickets for this concert will be highly popular and will be anticipated to be sold out in seconds.

The Korea tickets will be selling on July 15th through Gmarket Korea so people who live in Korea, please get the tickets and take as many pictures as you can!