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T-ara So Yeon with new twitter profile picture!

Seo ah and


Super Junior's Kibum Joins Twitter! But is it real? (UNCONFIRMED)

Yes, that's right!
If all you ELFs out there have been wondering where in the world Kibum has been, now you can find out.
He just recently joined twitter and tweeted something that may catch you eye:

"i will be in the next album. 그리고 트윗 처음합니다...다른건 다사칭!"

I know this post gets many fans pumped, but there is NO confirmation that it is real.
Could it be another fake?
Yes, there is always that possibility.
But right now there is nothing saying it is or isn't him, so for now, let's see what happens. If there are any reports of the account, I'll be sure to let you know!

Enjoy! And Twitter on!

Kibum's Twitter: 0821kibum


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As many have heard, U-Kiss is having a comeback, 'Break Time'.

The teaser has just been released, and it is sure to get fan's blood pumping.

So with out further ado, here is U-Kiss's Teaser for their 4th Mini Album, BREAK TIME

With Shut Up!

K-Pop Twitter Acounts! Follow Your Favourite Stars.

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Ever wanted to see what your favourite K-Pop Idols are doing? Well now you can!

The Twitter fever has entered Korea and fans couldn't be happier! Thanks to Twitter you can now see what your favourite person is doing and what they think of things. They constantly update with pictures and videos, giving you an look through their eyes of what's going on around them.

Some stars have openly told about their Twitter accounts while others (Ahem, Kyuhyun.) kept them a secret from the public but after a while told their fans about it.

Well with out further a do, here are the K-Pop Star's Twitter account!

Super Junior
Leeteuk: special1004
Heechul: Heedictator
Yesung: shfly3424
Shindong: ShinsFriends
Eunhyuk: AllRiseSilver
Donghae: donghae861015
Siwon: siwon407
Ryeowook: ryeong9
Kyuhyun: GaemGyu
Henry: henrylau89

Nichkhun: Khunnie0624
Wooyoung: NBA0430
Junsu: Jun2daKAY
Taecyeon: taeccool
Junsu: dlwnsghek

MIR: BangMir
Seungho: MBLAQSH



F. Cuz

YeJun: Only1yejun
LeeU: LUsyndrome
Kan: ChoiKanism

Wonder Girls

Sun Min: WGmimi
Sun Ye: WGsun
Sohee: WGsohee
Yubin: WGyubin
Yenny: WGyenny
Lim: KAWG_Lim

C.N. Blue

Eli: u_kisseli
Alexander: alexander_0729
Kevin: Kevinwoo91
Soohyun: ukissSH
Kibum: 90KKB
DongHo: Dongho94

Brian Joo

Doo Joon: BeeeestDJ
Jun Hyung: Joker891219

Jo Kwon: 2AMkwon
Seulong: 2AMONG
Jinwoon: 2AMjinwoon

Epik High
Tablo: blobyblo
Mithra: realmithrajin

Nicole: _911007
Goo Hara: _sweethara
Jiyoung: kkangjii
Gyuri: gyuri88

Hyun Joong: SShyunjoong
Young Saeng: SSyoungsaeng
Hyung Jun: HyungJun87
Jung Min: SSjungmin or royalavenue
Kyu Jong: SSkyujong



Drunken Tiger

After School
Park Kahi: misskahi
Bekah: __BEKAH
Raina: raina57

Brown Eyed Girls
Jae: Jeaworld
Narsha: flyx2NAL

Min Kyung: tweetkeimk
Haeri: tweethaeri

Mika: Mika90628

F.T. Island
JongHun: FtGtJH

Qri: QriPretty
Hyomin: b89530
Jiyeon: pjy1234

Big Bang
Taeyang: Realtaeyang

I hope this helped all you K-Pop lovers! And if you want to know who has a Twitter, never be afraid to ask! I will update when a new idol gets a Twitter, so keep watch because you never know who might show up on the Tweeting side of the world.

If you have questions about what accounts are real and which ones are fake, ask me and I can tell you.

HanGeng Is Back!

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I'm sure that most of you have heard of HanGeng big come back, and if you haven't well now you have! He is back, but in Chinese, but of that I am sure no one minds.

Our favourite Chinese man has made a huge comeback these few weeks after leaving Sment and Super Junior. He has come out with his first solo album called 'Geng Xin'. Geng Xin contains 10 song and was realsed July 27, 2010. Those 10 songs are:

01.My Logo
02.Because of Dreams
03.Heartache, Notebook
04.Love Letter to a Stranger
05.Holding an Umbrella
06.Simple Person
07. Wings of Love
08.Say No
10.Fire/Moths to Flames/Fatal Attraction
He has already released Music Videos for the songs, Fire, Say No, Umbrella, and his most recent, My Logo.
Want to listen to these fabulous songs? Here you go!

01.My Logo

02.Because of Dream

03.Heartache, Notbook

04.Love Letter to a Stranger

05.Holding an Umbrella

06.Simple Person

07.Wings of Love

08.Say No


10.Fire/Moths to Flames/ Fatal Attraction

You can buy this album on YesAsia here: It is a CD + DVD, and I assure you it is worth the money.

And a little survey. How do you like Geng's new curly har in Fire?

C.N.Blue to Hold First Asia Tour

Code Name Blue or much known as C.N.Blue just had their debut last August 19 of 2009. Being an active band in Japan and Korea, they have captured a lot of fans overseas. 

They have proved their rising influence as FNC Music announced in a recent press conference that the boys will be holding an Asia Tour, which will first hit Seoul early next week and there after, C.N. Blue will be traveling to some Asian countries which includes: Hong Kong and Singapore in August, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan in September and in China by October.

C.N.Blue has just debuted for less than a year, but they will already be holding such big events! This simply proves how talented these boys are.

credit: eunii @ KpopLive