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Let's Learn Korean: Lesson 11

Hello everyone! How have you all been? I would like to say sorry for not posting lately. This past few weeks is been a very busy weeks for me. Anyways since I'm back, I'm going to teach you another lesson. Actually this lesson is not new. In lesson 3, I taught you how to count. As you all remembered, there's two way of counting in Korean and that is Native counting and a Chinese derive counting. I taught you how to count in Chinese derive in Lesson 3 and I only taught you 1-10 for the Native Korean counting. In this lesson, I will tell you the Native Korean counting.

As you have seen in lesson 10, I started to show you my new way of teaching new Korean words, and that is by making it as a picture, so it's easier for all of you to read(?). The picture below is the Native Korean Counting.

I apologized for the blurriness of the pictures.

I have another set of table for more information for counting or stating some facts.

  • the pattern that you learned in Chinese system is the same for native Korean.
  • When your counting referring on money just add 원 (weon) [won].
  • 원 (weon) [won] is what Koreans called their money.
I hope this lesson helps you. More lessons to come asap.
If you have a questions, DO NOT HESITATE to ask me anytime on my Facebook. I will answer you as soon as I can.

Thanks for all you patience! Hope you're having fun Learning Korean.

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