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What happened to Family Outing?

Family Outing season 1 is known for sending the elders to a vacation and having 1 night and 2 days outing in the country side. The first season gave us laugh from Dumb and Dumber Yoo Jae Suk and Big Bang Daesung, sick elder Yoon JongShin, and hateful couple Kim Jong Kook and Lee Hyori. Even new comers to variety shows Kim Sooro, Park Yejin, Lee Chunhee, Park Shi Yeon, and Park HaeJin makes our stomach aches from laughing.

Last February, Family outing end its first season and welcomed new Family outing Members Kim Wonhee, Shin BongSun, SNSD Yoona, 2Am Jokwon, 2Pm Teacyeon, newly added member SuJu Heechul, Ji Sang Ryul, and variety new comer Yoon Sang hyun. Its seems like that the rating went down if you compared it to the first season. What happened to the show to have such rating failure.

One thing that makes me like the first season more is the fact that the members control the show. Season 1 have organization and having different guests every 2 weeks. First they meet each other first then go to the elders house together. After they met the elders and sent them to vacation, then they do the tasks that the elders asked them to do. After they finished their task, they play games. Then they make dinner together and after they had dinner, they play games for morning chores, finally go to bed together. The next morning, morning chores people will finish their tasks. They also have morning quiz/game to determine who is going to make breakfast.

If you compare that to season 2, the show gets more totally like KBS Happy Sunday 1Night2Days. The Production staff gets more involved to the show. Season 2 members always divide into 2 groups. The winner gets the benefit while the losers got nothing. That is totally like 1Night2Days. From what i see, it also looks like that the members don't have idea of what to do. They look like they're lost at everything they have to do. There are not much laugh is season 2 instead more sigh. The interviews in between doesn't seem to help either. From what I see, its more like a burden. Family outing season 2 is not We Got Married to have interviews.

Family Outing season 2 is like a mixed 1Night2Days and We Got Married.

Will Suju Heechul save the show now that he is the new family member? Will the ratings have a chance to go up? Will the boring show become a funny show? Let's see for the next episodes.