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Let's Learn Korean!

Koreans call their language Hangugo and their writing system Hangul. Hangugo is distantly related to such Ural-Altaic languages as Mongolian and Finnish. The writing system was developed in relatively modern times. Simple Hangul script made it possible for the poor and less educated to learn how to read and write in a few weeks. Many consider Hangul to be the most rational and practical of the world's writing system, since it was deliberately devised by a team of scientific experts, as opposed to just developing.

The alphabet is often referred to as Kanada, after its first three syllables. I want to help you learn to communicate quickly and easily in Korean, without having to learn a new foreign script.
The two challenges arise when learning to communicate in a new language is:
1) acquiring the mechanical ability to pronounce the individual words so they will be understood.
2) remembering words as well as sentences so that you can say them at the proper time.

Like Japanese, Korean has no particles (the, a). Singular and plural are usually not distinguished, and it is common to omit the subject (you, him, they,etc.) in a sentence when it is understood. There are no F, V, or Z sounds in Korean.

In language learning it is essential that you practice out loud; that is, you must express words and sentences aloud, just as you would in actual speech. This not only attunes you hearing and understanding, it also provides the mechanical exercise you need to pronounce words correctly (the way you move your tongue, lips, and mouth)

Repetition is the final secret of language learning. Repeat each word and sentence until you can say it automatically without thinking.

For the first lesson, I will teach you how to read the scripts
First of all, I will introduce you the Korean script:

Take note that * means you have to pronounce it sharp.

b/p m weo
Pp* n wa
j Kk* wi
Jj* r/l eui
d/t h wae
Tt*/Dd * Tt* we
k/g Ch
Kk*/Gg* p
s eo
Ss* o
Yo a
Yeo e
Ya i
yae eu
ye u
yu ae

is a special symbol because it can be pronounced as (ng) and it can be use when you want to use a certain script to make it into a word. For example, ㅏ to make it like 아 pronounced as Ah.

Once you memorize these scripts, you know now how to read Korean.

I will teach you more Korean words in the next lesson!!

Good luck memorizing the symbols!!!

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Thanks and Enjoy