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Korean Pretty Boys! too feminine or just misunderstood?

Im pretty sure you have heard a lot of people saying that Korean guys look too pretty, or they are too feminine or they look too much like a girl even going to the extremes and saying they look "gay"!

But are they really? or are they Just misunderstood?

So, let's look at the left side which is the "Korean guys are gay" side. As you well know, If someone who doesnt know about Korea or how things roll in there for sure once they see these pictures they will instantly say they are gay:

There is Heechul of Super Junior who is very attached to his feminine side, who likes cats and hello kitty! he also looks pretty with a girl get up and looks good dressing up as a girl!

Then there's Kkap Kwon Jo Kwon of 2am who is know for ssanti-ness and his reputation for being one of the diva's in Kpop!

Then there's Kevin of U-Kiss who claims he looks like Jessica and doesnt need people to tell him he looks like Jessica who also is confident with his feminine features.

There's Yoseob of BEAST who dressed up as a girl for "Mystery" MV and also knows as the cute one in BEAST.

Then of course the 5 men of SHINee who looks good dressing up as girls especially Key and Taemin.

Im saying this in a "Close minded" perspective of an ignorant by passer who saw this photo's.

There has been already several cases where especially guys comment on these guy's manliness. But are they really too feminine or just misunderstood?

If you ask me, they are just MISUNDERSTOOD. These idol's are only doing a "FAN SERVICE" in which a lot of noobs(ignorant) on kpop DO NOT KNOW and assume dead on that they are gay.

Are Korean guys really just pretty boys who look cute and has feminine features? or do they have something more to offer?

Yes they do, and this is the right side the "Korean Guys has one of the most beautiful packs of chocolates in the World" side!

There's world star Rain who everyone knows has one of the most beautiful golden abs in the World!

Also known as the little Rain for looking like Rain and also sharing similar skills as Rain also being one of Rain's guys is Lee Joon of MBLAQ who debuted with oozing confidence especially with his abs.

Of course, Taeyang of Big Bang despite his rather shorter height still has one of the most popular pack of abs in Korea.

Siwon in Super Junior who worked 5 long years in order to achieve this body that every man wants!

Also, new to the Abs department is Chansung of 2pm. Since only Taec get's the spotlight with his abs, Chansung is also starting to show his own pack of abs!

So you see? You can just tell your friends who are not fans of kpop or Korea to STFU once they start talking about korean guys being too feminine. Compared to American or Latin guys, Korean's are built with a smaller physique, that's why Korean guys are known for being CUTE!

Buy you know~ CUTE always gets the girls! ^^