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"Chu Suk" Thanksgiving in Korea!

I'm very sure all of you readers know how Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in western Countries, right? But do you know how it is done in Korea?

The Thanksgiving Festival in Korea is called 'Chu Suk' which was known as Hangawi(Harvest Moon Festival) is a major harvest festival celebration celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Calendar. It is celebration which stretches for 3 days and those 3 days are public holidays in Korea.

A Jesasang or a ceremonial table will be prepared on Chu Suk.

It is a feasting time and also time for happiness for Koreans. Food such as Songp'yon(crescent-shaped rice cakes stuffed with sesame seeds, chestnut paste or beans, are a Chu Suk favorite) and also Taro Soup.

Finally, Koreans celebrate by having singing competitions, archery and wrestle to mark the festival and show gratitude to their God.

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Credits: White-Kiss