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Suicide Rates and Plastic Surgery in Korea related with it's society's lack of faith?

South Korea is known to be one of the most progressive countries in Asia, With their advanced technology, fashion, music, culture, food and high standard of living.

Literally, middle class families in Korea are considered Rich people when they come to the Philippines, That is because in Korea, they have a higher standard of living.

South Korea is rich in culture, music, food and many more. But it also has it's downfalls. Apparently, South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the whole world.

As I did my research, according to wikipedia (see: Religion in South Korea), It revealed a very shocking fact to me which is:

There are about 46.5% of the total population in South Korea that has NO RELIGION meaning they are ATHEISTS, atheist's do not believe in gods and religion in general. About 22.8% of it's total population believe in Buddhism and about 18.3% are Protestants and 10.9% are Roman Catholic's.

Despite the low percentage of Roman Catholics in South Korea, it is largely spreading in South Korea which is a good sign.

Along with this, South Korea is one of the top 10 highest suicide rates in the WHOLE WORLD.

South Korea is known for it's society being vulnerable to suicide attempts, Even actors, actresses and public figures resolve to Suicide when they are depressed and about a high percentage of youth from teenagers to adults have thought of committing suicide.

Along with high suicide rates, South Korea is also widely known for "Plastic Surgery".

According to my SOURCE It revealed to me that:

About 76% of Korean women in their 20s and 30s have undergone plastic surgery. About 25% of Korean mothers who have daughters between the ages of 12 and 16 suggested plastic surgery to their daughter.

27.4% of Korean college graduate job seekers (19% of men, 34.1% of women) thought they did not fare well in the interview because of their looks. 28.5% of job seekers have already undergone plastic surgery or have planned plastic surgery in order to perform better in the job market.

AND THAT'S NOT IT! According to another SOURCE

Half of Korean Women Have Had Cosmetic Surgery

Eight out of 10 Korean women over the age of 18 feel they need cosmetic surgery, and one out of two has undergone cosmetic surgery at least once, a survey has found.

That is how COMMON plastic surgery in Korea is.

According to Wikipedia (See:List of countries by suicide rate) South Korea is Number 9 with it's high suicide rates among 104 countries and (see:List of OECD countries by suicide rate) Number 3 among OECD member nations. This is according to World Health Organization last 2008.

With it's high suicide rates and high plastic surgery rates with a huge percentage of atheist's in South Korea, it makes you wonder. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE SOCIETY IN SOUTH KOREA?

Probably, for me, IN MY OPINION, It would be because of it's society's lack of faith. Having no Religion, you are basically lost and you only have yourself and your own principles; Along with Peer pressure, emotional disabilities, insecurities and low self esteem.

I am a catholic, and I firmly believe that only God has the right to choose your right time to rest in Peace. You have no right to kill your own brothers and sisters and that include's yourself. Suicide is basically not accepted in the Roman Catholic church.

Also, In our faith, we are taught how to ACCEPT ourselves physically and mentally. To APPRECIATE what God has given you. You may not be physically pretty but there is something that YOU have that OTHERS do not. EQUALITY.

For me, those who resolve to Plastic surgery either have low self esteem or has submitted to peer pressure.

For me, those who commit suicide has lack of guidance, proper attention and faith in ones self.

I Respect one's opinion to have no religion or to have his/her religion. But perhaps it takes more than faith to fix this problem?

credits: Minyapi @ yahoo!answer