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Let's Learn Korean!: Lesson 2

Note: If you haven't gone through Lesson 1, please do so before you start learning lesson 2.

Intro and lesson 1- Let's Learn Korean!

For Lesson 2, I will start of some basic words that you can use right away. Remember the steps when your learning foreign language. First you have to say it out loud so you can hear the right pronunciation, don't be shy; be proud, memorize, and repeat.

take note:
the word inside () is the romanization and [] is the pronunciation.
you can add 요(yo) or 임니다(imnida) in the end of the word to make it formal. Some of the words below doesn't need that though.

the word with ^^ are the words where you can add "요(yo)".

some basic vocabulary:

I- (na) [nah]
내가(naega) [ne-gah]
나는(nanun) [nah-nun]
(nan) [nan]
(jeo) [cho] ^^

Me- 내게 (naege) [ne-geh]
나를 (nareul) [nah-rul*] *like how u pronounce rule/ruler

You- 너 (neo) [no]
널 (neol) [nol]
당신 (dangsin) [dang-shin] this one is formal it can be mean "dear" like "sweetheart"

Him- 그에게 (keuege) [ku-eh-geh]
그를 ( keureul) [ku-rul]

Her- 그녀에게 (keunyeoege) [ku-niyo-eh-geh]
그녀를 (keunyeoreul) [ku-niyo-rul]

They- 그들 (keudeul) [ku-dul*] *dull

Yes- 예 (ye) [yeh] Formal
네 (ne) [neh] Formal
응 (eung) [eung) slang/informal

No- 안니 (anni) [an-ni] ^^
안돼 (andwae) [an-duwe] it can be "No Way" ^^

That- 그것 (keugeot) [ku-got]

in this one "ㅅ" was pronounce as "T". This happens when there 's no other word after it.

This- 이것 (eegeot) [ee-got]

When- 언제 (eonje) [on-je] ^^

Why- 왜 (wae) [wa-e] say it fast ^^

What- 뭐 (mueo) [mo] ^^

Where- 어디에 (eodie) [o-di-e] ^^
장소 (jangso) [jang-so]

Who- 누구 (nugu) [nu-gu]

Today- 오늘 (oneul) [oh-nul]

Morning- 아침 (achim) [ah'-chim]

Afternoon- 오후 (ohu) [oh-hu]
Tonight- 오늘밤 (oneulbam) [oh-nul-bam]
Last Night- 오겟밤 (ogetbam) [oh-jey-bam] silent "T"

Tomorrow- 내일 (naeil) [ne-eel]

Yesterday- 어제 (eoje) [oh-je]

Next week- 다음 주에 (taeum jue) (ta-um-dew-eh)

Those words above are some of the basic words. Try to practice and memorize those first. Once you memorized those, we can move on to Lesson 2 part2. (I'm working on it)

Good Luck guys!!

화이팅/파이팅 - hwaiting/fighting!!!!

If you have any questions you can contact me through

or Twitter: @chrizzycrazy

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Thanks and Enjoy