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[FOOD]Watermelon to punch the summer heat!

Summer!!!!!wat do we luv about summer?
swimming,bikini,sandy beaches and..
nice cold drinks..

lets get to the kitchen!!
well make some watermelon punch!!!
u will need...

-1c water & sugar


-1/4 c brandy

-12 oz lemon lime soda

-1ts shelled pine nuts

-ice cubes

lets make some magic!!

boil water + sugar in a saucepan.let to cool

then,scoop the watermelon in ball kind of shape*discard the seeds tough..

pour sugar syrup onto the watermelon ball.

Scoop out the remaining juice..

Mix the watermelon balls + its juice+ brandy.Chill it.

Before serves,add the soda n the chilled mixture

Pour into a glass,springkle some pine nuts and serves chille

*the pine nuts are 4 making it looks more luxirious~~

if u are allergic or just hate them..just ignore the nuts..