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[video] Cinderella Sister is still Happy together: Part 2

Cinderella is always Happy together. As I promised from the last article I had, once I found the second part, I will post it here. I kept my promised and I'm about to show you the second part of the show KBS Happy together season 3 where Cinderella sister casts joined the show as a guest.

In this part, you will see our nation's younger sister Moon Geun Young dances and sings, as well as Seo Woo. 2PM Teacyeon will do 2PM's hit songs Marathon.

What are you waiting for? let's watch it now!

I love Teacyeon's dances.


If you watch it @youtube page and you leave a comment on it, make sure that you won't put the show's name. That is the user's requests. Let's respect it.

Thanks to Jaia85 for the tip!

cr: hyungwel @ YT
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