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Korea's World Star vs Hollywood stars

Korean World Star Rain is the first ever Korean nominated in MTV movie awards.

The actor singer is being nominated in "the biggest Badass star" category along side with various hollywood actors and actresses like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise. This is all thanks to his hit movie, Ninja Assassin.

As we all know, Rain have prepared so much for his 2009 movie, Ninja Assassin where he played the role of Raizo, a lethal ninja assassin. He must be really happy that his work and sacrifices are finally being paid off. And moreover, being in the same category with popular actors and actresses of hollywood must be a great honor for him.

"The biggest badass star" category is given to the star who portrayed the "mess with me or you'll die like the rest" attitude. If you have watched their movies, who do you think will win this category? Will it be one of the Bradgelina? Or will it be Korea's very own, Rain?

Voting is not yet closed so better yet, go to MTV Movie Awards' official site and vote for whom you think is the best, and remember, VOTE WISELY!

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